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Rick was a pleasure to work with, and I am so happy with the professional quality of his photos. I am an actress, and it is important to leave a lasting impression with casting directors in the form of an eye-catching headshot. The photos that Rick took were fabulous and attention-grabbing. Not only is Rick a super photographer, but he put me at ease, and made the process truly enjoyable.Ilana LongActressColleen Bell Agencytimonial Text

Dear Rick & Kimberly,Finding you to photograph our wedding was a huge piece of luck in an already fortunate wedding. Your pictures far exceeded our expectations and the speed with which you posted them on your site makes me wonder if you make any time for sleep.Also, we very much appreciated your sensitivity to never interrupting the flow of the ceremony and reception. We were vaguely aware of your friendly presence during all that was happening but you were never for a moment intrusive, even though you were constantly snapping away. We appreciate that you asked beforehand about using a flash, and tried to avoid it even when it made your job that much tougher.A million thanks,Amy McKenna & Leland Patton

"Getting a teenage boy to be enthusiastic about getting a bunch of Senior pictures taken is really tough. My son told me "I'm doing this for you Mom," as I left him with Rick. The first words out of his mouth when he got home? "He was really cool and I had a lot of fun!" The pictures Rick Ehrenberg from Leaf on a Branch took, reflected that fun and were very creative. I love the way the pictures reflect my son's fun personality." Deborah from SeaTac

Our son was going to his senior prom in high school. This was going to be a very special occasion. We wanted the memories to last a lifetime. "Leaf on a Branch" photography exceeded our expectations of quality and service. The photos taken by owner Rick Ehrenberg of our son and his date are just breathtaking! Marvin and Karen Henderson

Tammy D

“This was such a wonderful experience for our family. You guys were patient with our special needs son and were so willing to work with him to get a wonderful smile. I wish there would have been a little better opportunity to shop at the end but we worked though it. I did forget the key chains (they weren't on the order form but I am hoping they were available) and I didn't take the extra time to look at anything else in the photos except our smiles. I would do things a little differently but for where we were and your willingness to work with our family it made it all worth while. Thank you so much for taking your evening out to give us an opportunity to have lovely family photos - it is appreciated. Tammy D.”